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So, if you’re not a gym guy but you want to add a little resistance to your workout, chances are a set of resistance bands might be a good option for you. Takes up practically no room, and you have so many choices for workouts and with a little creativity, you can have a total body workout. Resistance bands are not just for moms at home and older women at the health club. I’ve done some workouts with resistance bands and you’d be surprised at how challenging the exercises can be. Here’s a popular one you might want to check out, that’s gotten a lot of good reviews: Bodylastics Max XT System. Based on all the comments and research on these bands, here’s what I can tell you about them:



Product The Bodylastics Max XT System.

Cheapest Price $39.95-45.95

Guarantee 100% money back guarantee within 60 days



  •  14 PCS Max XT Set – This Resistance Bands set comes with 6 Anti-Snap bands (Yellow: 3 lbs, Green: 5 lbs, Red: 8 lbs, Blue: 13 lbs, Black: 19 lbs, Purple: 23 lbs); 2 Handles; 2 Ankle Straps; 1 Door Anchor; 1 small anywhere anchor; 1 Carrying bag; 1 Instructional Resource.
  • Comes with exercise booklet and DVD showing various exercises
  • Size – one bag


  •  142 LBS STACKABLE RESISTANCE – Bodylastics Clip Bands enable the user to add or subtract resistance depending on what your strength level and what you want to do. You can  create resistances from 3 to 142 lbs.
  • The resistance tube band systems incorporate continuous dipped, Malaysian natural latex, strong inner safety cords, nylon & ABS cores, woven nylon webbing, solid iron clips, and dense neoprene. It is designed to last.
  • Every Bodylastics resistance band incorporates Snap Guard inner safety cord. This cord is very strong and is designed to prevent damage to the bands from over stretching, and protects your face and body in case that a band does snap.

The Good It won’t eat up a ton of space (but you do need a clutter free area). It is very affordable and won’t set you back an arm and a leg. Resistances can be varied according to your progress or current strength levels. Reviews are very positive with an average of about 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon, from over 1,000 reviews. Customers really enjoy their purchase.

The not so good Like with any product, there are bound to be a few problems. The bands come with a DVD and instructional poster. The poster is not really ideal if you don’t want to put it up on a wall (I’m not a teenager who puts up posters). A simple instructional booklet would have been better.

The bands can be too long, meaning, by the time you attach the bands to a door with the handles, and get to a neutral position, you’ve already eaten up about 5-6′ of space. So the bands themselves don’t take up storage space, but you do need a clutter free area to work in. You might have to wrap them around, to reduce the length and this can be a little cumbersome.


  • Resistances can be incremented from 3-142 lbs
  • Minimum space requirements
  • Comes with instructional poster and DVD
  • Comes with a handy storage bag
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Instructional poster is very large and most seem to prefer a booklet instead.
  • Bands can be too long, taking up space

Final thoughts The Bodylastics Max XT System is a great product with excellent reviews. You do need a clutter free area to work in, due to the length of the bands and range of motion for some of the exercises. The poster of exercises can be annoying to use and a simple booklet would have sufficed. It works  well for people of various strength levels due to the adjustable bands and is easy to store and travel with. Exercises using resistance bands are definitely challenging and you will be able to work all muscles. So, if you’re tired of spending money on a gym membership and want to try something different, why not try  Bodylastics Max XT System.

3 thoughts on “Best resistance bands

  1. Hey there Dave!

    Your article is interesting since I used to go to fitness and never really considered these kind of equipments.

    I find it interesting though nonetheless. Maybe I should try it sometimes 😉

    Your site is very well laid out and I like it that you also added some images. I also like the color you chose.

    Thank you for the info.

    Keep it up!

  2. Hi Dave,
    Having tried to do a few workouts in the past using resistance bands in fact as you say they are challenging and would present any person great benefits in getting their bodies in shape.
    It makes no sense as you stated that the product did not come packaged with the DVD and instructional booklet instead of a poster. Hey we’re not all 15 year old kids who have posters hanging in their bedrooms. It’s been a good 40 years since I had a few and I at my age being 58 I don’t plan on going back.
    I did notice that the pics that you included of the product did not appear on the post when I was reading it, although as I clicked on the two blank spots it did re-direct successfully to the Amazon site from which one could purchase the product.
    The price range of around $40 – 46 is not all that bad for what appears to be a quality product.

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