Raw sugar is better than processed sugar

Myth: Raw sugar is healthier than processed sugar.

Truth: Hate to break it to you…it ain’t. Unprocessed sugar has trace elements of calcium, iron and potassium. Barely enough to make a difference in your body, when consumed. There is very little difference between raw and processed sugar. Just because something is processed, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. Calorically they’re about the same.





4 thoughts on “Raw sugar is better than processed sugar

  1. I love raw sugar, not for it’s mythical health benefits, but for its taste. As a child growing up in Calcutta, we used to love a sugary bar called Jaggery. It was a bar of raw sugar. Hence I developed a liking for that taste. However, for convenience I also use granulates white sugar. 

    It is common knowledge that an over use of sugar is bad. So all these artificial sweeteners have evolved, touting them as being less harmful compared to regular sugar. I disagree. In fact I believe they are even more harmful. I HATE the taste of diet drinks. 

    My feeling is using conventional sugar in moderation is perfectly OK. Much better than using artificial sweeteners more often. You hit the nail on the head on the myth that raw sugar is better for you.

  2. Hmm, I am not sure what to comment on your article. I guess sugar, in general, is bad for you, that’s common knowledge. I just use honey or maple syrup for sweetening most of the time, but then there are so many hidden sugars in food and it is amazing what names they come up with sometimes. You need a dictionary to read and understand some of the labels.

  3. Your article is filled with very beneficial info. There are so many things made with processed sugar that fills the grocery stores. These sugars are often hidden with names that are hard to pronounce. It’s so important to eat raw sugar over processed sugar. If anyone is a sugar lover (like me), make sure you eat mostly raw sugar! Thank you so much for this info!

    1. You obviously didn’t read the post. Raw sugar is basically the same as regular sugar…

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