What are the health benefits of blackberries?



In our continuing series on health benefits of berries today we feature the blackberry. The blackberry (Rubus Fruticosus) is a deep blue/black colored fruit which is high in antioxidants like the blueberry. The leading producer in the world is Mexico and in the U.S., Oregon is the leading state. Okay then, what are the health benefits of blackberries? Read on…


Cardiovascular health Research has shown that blackberries can prevent vascular tissue damage due to free radicals induced by peroxynitrite. Antioxidant activity neutralize the effects of the free radicals and protect the cardiovascular system from disease. Also the high magnesium content of blackberries helps maintain and regulate blood pressure, normal heart contractions and blood vessel function.


Age related degeneration In studies conducted on rats it was shown that blackberries have a positive impact on motor and cognitive abilities. It is believed that polyphenols present can also have a positive impact on aging adults and prevent deterioration of these skills. Regular consumption of blackberries can enhance memory functions and prevent age related decline. Anthocyanin derived from the skin pigment lowers risk of macular degeneration which comes with age.


Skin Health Similar to blueberries, antioxidants present in blackberries are also good for maintaining healthy skin since they fight free radicals which damage skin cells. Research suggests that ellagic acid which is present in blackberries also protects the skin from UV damage and prevents collagen breakdown.


Oral Health Research has shown that blackberries has antiviral and antibacterial properties which makes it a promising aid in the fight against periodontal disease and infection.


As with most of these  foods more detailed studies on humans are needed to conclusively determine their benefits. but, it doesn’t hurt to add this berry to your daily fruit salad.




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