There are different types of cholesterol

Myth: There are several types of cholesterol.


Truth: No not really. Cholesterol is…cholesterol, unless it becomes oxidized. Yeah…well what about VLDLs, LDLs and HDLs? Sounds like more than one to me. Those are not cholesterols, but lipoproteins. Lipoproteins enclose and carry cholesterol in the blood, because cholesterol is insoluble and needs a vehicle for transport. Lipoproteins consists of cholesterol, triglycerides and…proteins. The difference in them being the relative concentrations of each. For more detailedĀ information read my article on cholesterol.


P.S. The healthy goat was last seen attending anger management classes. He tends to lose his temper, when people argue, as he tries to explain how cholesterol really works. The result is usually a good swift butt to the stomach.


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